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Formaldehyde Plant

Formaldehyde Technology and Plants

A: Excess Methanol Silver Catalyst Technology (This technology is available in house from Aldehydes India)

Being a technology Czar in the designing and fabrication of Formaldehyde Plant, We possess immense knowledge and skills in our respective domain that make us a leading Formaldehyde Plant Designer. We have developed Formaldehyde Production Plant up to 150 MT per day and also we have we all the expertise and technical know-how to set-up plants up to 300 MT per day. Over the time-span of last one decade, we have improvised and improved the Formaldehyde manufacturing process using advanced low bulk density Silver Catalyst. Our Formaldehyde Plant Design conforms to the latest statutory and industry requirements. Aldehydes India Formaldehyde plants based on Excess Methanol Silver Catalyst technology are known for various salient features such as:-

  • Latest Technological Innovations are brought to you by Aldehdyes India through its Association with various International Experts
  • Imported steam requirement only for start up of plant.
  • Highly economical and low investment
  • Fully Automated Plants with consistence performance and low operator attention.
  • High yield of Methanol to Formaldehyde-440 Kg of Methanol to 1000 Kg Formaldehyde with less than 1% free Methanol in the product. 
  • Extremely low acidity-less than 0.01% and usually around 0.005%.
  • Low power consumption only 30 KW per ton of Formaldehyde produced including Utilities.
  • Use of OFF Gas / Tail Gas for manufacturing high strength Formaldehyde up to 55%
  • Use of waste tail gas to burn in boiler in case exportable steam is required or to generate electrical power. 
Exportable steam up to 650 Kgs per Ton of Formaldehyde is possible.

B: Excess Air Metal Oxide Catalyst Process: 

Aldehydes India collaborates with well known International and Indian companies for supplying Formaldehyde Plants of large capacities wherein the Metal Oxide Catalyst technology is economically more competitive.