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Welcome to Aldehydes India...
Aldehydes India is a leading name in formaldehyde and resin industry in India. A complete solution provider of all aspects of formaldehyde synthesis, formaldehyde storage and downstream applications, Aldehydes India aims to offer excellent plant solution to its customers. The company mainly focuses into the design, manufacture, fabrication, engineering, project management and trouble eradication of Formaldehyde Plants, Hexamine Production, Formaldehyde Resin Systems and Moulding Powder Technology.

A preeminent formaldehyde and resin plant designer and fabricator in India, the company endeavours to offer competitively priced plants of excellent performance. Aldehydes India is associated with the fastest growing formaldehyde association in the world that has extensive market and industry knowledge. As a part of a celebrated global network it is competent to facilitate its critical customers with correct plant solution in any capacity. In India it has constructed plants ranging from 20 to 150 TDP capacities...
The Technology and Association
Aldehydes India has many business associates around the globe in China, Australia, Greece, Sweden, Finland and Korea. Hence with our combined strength and exposure we can offer the best technology meeting the requirements of the customers in a cost effective manner. Aldehydes India's association with global players in its industry know how is a testimony to its approach of long term mutual and profitable business relationships...
Technologies we offer
Besides the technology listed under 'Our Technology' Aldehydes India also offers technologies to manufacture Para Formaldehyde Other technologies like NPG, TMP, POM, MDI Etc. being derivatives of Formaldehyde are also offered with help of Chemical Plants through Business Associates...
  • POM (Polyacetal)
  • Para-Formaldehyde
  • Pentaerythritol
  • H2o2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
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